Benno Klandt is a talented multimedia producer who works on pre and post event production for the world's largest corporations. In the world of corporate events, showcasing brand product highlights within a multimedia setting is a skill in high demand. Benno has the unique ability to work live at an event, capture photo and video media in real time and mix it with provided product shots and company materials juxtaposed with his own highly stylized animated visuals specifically designed for each event in order to create an interactive, personal, engaging and dynamic multimedia installation. Photos are archived online so that clients can view the product and event material at any time. Benno is an expert in video editing, story telling, and post-production. He creates a memorable visual echo of the event that is useful for social media, marketing and internal corporate affairs by combining interviews, corporate identity branding information, key visuals and moments from the event. The end product is a powerful communication tool that enhances each company's ability to allow their clients and customers to know what to expect from them, further supporting and personalizing corporate branding and identity. 
Benno also work in the fields of music video, fashion, art, dance and artistic documentary film production and contemporary art, music and fashion photography. He creates the concept, implement the logistics and provide the same level of service and quality as he does for his corporate clients.
Professional skills in Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Logic Pro X and Capture One Pro.